This is a question I have heard many times, Usually it is said by someone before they sit through my food safety training. They change their ideas after the training when they realise what can really happen from a food poisoning. For consumers, food poisoning can be as bad as it can possibly be, with

Food labels  are essential to give information to consumers and so there are legal requirements surrounding them. To get them right is vital to ensure that consumers are properly informed and to also prevent your business from being involved in legal actions as a result of non-compliance to the requirements. The problem is that to

New Recall Notices

Monday, 01 April 2019 by

The following three recall notices have been sent out by the New South Wales Food Authority and are included here with permission; Desert Tribe Tropical Raw Bar and Lemon Seed Wonder Raw Bar. Bailey Beau Pty Ltd is conducting a recall of Desert Tribe Tropical Raw Bar and Lemon Seed Wonder Raw Bar. The products

So foods are full of all sorts of nasty chemicals right? There are many who make this claim and advocate strongly for food with no chemicals. This is the main reason for the increase in the “clean” food movement. Some “chemicals” are essential to give us the food we all want when we go shopping.