The virus making the news across the world is just one of many many viruses around. It is recognised that the best way to stop the spread of any such micro-organism is to keep those that have it well away from those who do not yet have it. This is why many people across the

Did you know?

Monday, 10 February 2020 by

Why do rice crispie type cereals Snap crackle and pop”? The sound comes from the tiny air pockets in each grain. The walls of the air pockets break when the cereal begins to absorb milk. The result is that magical sound, which also lets you know when the ceral has become soggy. Just how well

During my time at University, I was involved in a taste panel which used identically sized, shaped and cooked meat products under different coloured lights. It showed that even though the products were identical within the limits available, that the flavour and texture ratings for the samples under blue, red and green lights were lower

New allergen recalls

Monday, 03 February 2020 by

The following allergens recalls are included here with permission from Food Standards Australia New Zealand Providore Italian Tomatoes and Grana Padano Cheese Pesto 31 January 2020 Product information Simplot Australia Pty Ltd is conducting a recall of Providore Italian Tomatoes and Grana Padano Cheese Pesto. The product has been available for sale at Woolworths stores