The world is paying a lot of attention to viruses right now, with over 87000 people across the globe showing symptoms of COVID-19. Is this a pandemic and is it something to be worried about? A pandemic is called when a disease goes worldwide, so with nearly 3000 cases now in countries other than China,

I have a friend who has told me that she would rather drink bleach than eat coriander. That is a pretty serious thing to say. She is not alone in despising the taste of coriander. February 24 each year is International Coriander Hatred Day. Just how many foods have a whole day internationally dedicated to

Another Recall

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 by

The following is included here with permission from Food Safety Australia New Zealand. CTC Australia Jersey Caramels Product information CTC Australia is conducting a recall of Lolly Co Jersey Caramels 150g, Big Lolly Jersey Caramel 160g and Fine Time Jersey Caramel 1kg. The products have been available for sale at IGA’s and independent stores in NSW,

Why is it called CoVid-19?

Thursday, 20 February 2020 by

Coronavirus is actually a group of viruses, which includes the ones causing the common cold and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). The viruses are named for the corona, or crown, of surface proteins that the virus uses to penetrate the cells of its host. World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines state: “given the increasingly rapid and