Another unusual recall

Saturday, 24 October 2020 by

The following is an interesting and unusual recall notice from Food Standards Australia new Zealand and is included here with permission. Food product recalls are done when there is a potential for harm from that product. In most cases this is from consuming the product and the reasons include inclusion of food allergens when not

The following is a notice from the Food Safety Information Council to announce that their support resources for the upcoming 2020 Australian Food Safety Week. Community resource package for Australian Food Safety Week 2020 is now available. It’s just under 4 weeks until Australian Food Safety Week 2020 from 14 to 21 November 2020. The theme will be ‘Food Safety

So we have all been hearing about coronavirus and COVID-19 for over six months now, what do these terms mean. OK, so Coronavirus is a group of viruses with similar characteristics, the common cold and the annual flu are members of this group COVID-19 is a disease which is caused by one of the Coronaviruses.

The following is a recent media release from the Food Safety Information Council about research they have done in the lead up to Australian Food Safety Week 2020. It is included here with permission. The Food Safety Information Council today released Omnipoll national research for Global Handwashing Day, showing there has been no major increase