The following is the latest media release from New South Wales Health and is included here with permission. Avoid salmonella food poisoning this Christmas 19 December 2019 As Christmas gets underway amid a heatwave, NSW Health is warning people to avoid Salmonella food poisoning, with 168 cases already reported this month. Ms Keira Glasgow, NSW Health

FSIC Christmas message

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The following is the latest media release from the Food Safety Information Council Ltd and is included here with permission. Keep your family and friends food safe this Christmas and Summer entertaining time The Food Safety Information Council today launched their Christmas and Summer entertaining food safety advice. Cathy Moir, FSIC Chair, said that this

The following is a media release from Food Standards Australia New Zealand about the Review of food derived using new breeding techniques. Whilst this may sound like something to do with animals, it incorporates a review of the definitions  of genetic modification and the foods derived from it. The media release is included here with

The source of many food poisoning outbreaks may never be found, regardless of the work done by authorities. In 2016 there was a Listeria outbreak in Denmark that could not be tracked to a specific source. Although the actual source could not be confirmed, it was suspected after the investigation that it was  only in