The Food Safety Standards – the national rules for food safety in Australia – are under review. This impacts on every food business in the country and all are encouraged to have their say. The following is from the Food Standards Australia new Zealand website,, and is included here with permission. Overall, Australia has

The following is the latest media release from the Food Safety Information Council Ltd and is included here with permission. As Election Day BBQs are being cleaned and fired up around the country, the Food Safety Information Council today released food safety tips for your democracy sausage or cake fundraiser. Council Chair, Cathy Moir, said

The following are two reviews currently under way at Food Standards Australia new Zealand. This information is included with permission. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today released an information paper on its proposed approach to a review of food safety standards in the Food Standards Code. FSANZ CEO Mark Booth said FSANZ is reviewing

So we have all heard that the word “Champagne” can only be used on sparkling wine which has been produced in the Champagne region in France,  and that means that all other bubbly wine is called sparkling wine. This is the classic example of what is called a Geographical Indication (GI). It means that a