Additives in the Food Standards Code are ingredients added to food to improve, one of more characteristics or issues related to that food. They can be for several reasons including; enhancing flavour, modifying textures, extending shelf life or even improving appearance. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)is responsible for ensuring that the additives permitted by

So each year for a week each August we recognise the importance of science in our lives. In 2020 this importance is probably more apparent that in any other year since it started in 1997, with all of us being impacted daily by a virus and the scientists who are advising our governments about it.

Well, the answer is no. But it depends upon the actual cut according to the Food Safety Information Council. The following is from the FSIC website ( about cooking pork; “Pork in whole cuts will only be contaminated on the outside so can be cooked to your taste as long as it is browned on

The following statistics are from an ABARES study from 2020 based article in Food Australia in the July to September 2020 edition. These highlight the importance  of export. 90 percent of Australia’s agricultural water usage was used on irrigated crops which make up 30 percent of agricultural production. Australian agricultural exports are valued at $48