Current Recalls

Friday, 17 August 2018 by

The following are current national product recalls notices from Food Standards Australia New Zealand and are included here with permission. Black & Gold Mixed Vegetables 1kg Metcash is conducting a recall on all available stock of the above product. The product has been available for sale in IGA, Campbells Wholesale and Independent grocery stores in

I automatically look for things like cleanliness and temperatures when I am buying food, whether it be in a supermarket or a restaurant. But I live food safety. A recent survey of 2000 consumers in the UK, seems to indicate that I am not normal. The Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) runs a biannual survey to

There is a food poisoning myth out there that you can always tell when something is not safe to eat because it smells off. Not all food pathogens create odours. So we cannot always tell that a food is not safe to eat by it’s smell. However there some bacteria which do create odours and

When is milk not milk?

Monday, 06 August 2018 by

So what is that white liquid coming out of the long life packs of soy, rice or almond milk? Is it milk or is it not? That is now the big question. The word “milk” is used for these liquids, because it looks like it and it is an easy to use marketing tool, but