Back to school advice

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 by

The following is from the Food Safety information Council and is included here with permission. Get your kids involved in back to school lunchbox food safety As school starts to go back, the Food Safety Information Council is encouraging parents to get their children involved in preparing their school lunch and learning about food safety.

Cleaning is a requirement of any food business, and to do it correctly the right cleaning and sanitising chemicals are required. All chemicals used for cleaning should be food grade – suitable for use in a food business. However there may still be incidental contact. Accord has reviewed the Guide on cleaners and sanitisers that

New recalls

Saturday, 11 January 2020 by

The following are recall notices from the NSW Food Authority and are included here with permission. Recall: Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups 10 January 2020 The NSW Food Authority advises: Nestlé Australia Ltd is conducting a recall of some batches of Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Passionfruit 94g, Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Rainbow Berry 94g, Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Rainbow Fruit Salad

Micro-organism / Illness Food Number of people affected Number of states involved Salmonella newport Ground frozen tuna 13 7 Hepatitis A Fresh Blackberries 18 (incl 10 to hospital) 6 E.coli 026 Flour 21 (incl 3 to hospital) 3 E.coli 0121 & 0103 Ground Bison 38 (incl 18 to hospital) 8 Scombrotoxin Yellowfin / Ahi Tuna