Well, there has been a lot of noise around lately about Listeria. So how bad can it be? Listeria is the name of the genus of bacteria which have similar characteristics. It is the bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes which is of particular concern from this group. It is this bacteria which has been the cause of

Although this tried and tested preservation method has been around for around 100 years, and is still the international standard for extending the shelf life of milk, it will soon not be the only method available. Technology never stops improving and changing – which is a good thing. The difficulty is, and always will be,

We see more red meat being served rare, when traditionally it has always been served fully cooked. This is an increasing trend which seems to be brought on by the very popular cooking shows on TV. Restaurants are encouraging this trend through their menus. The problem is that food safety is a very real issue

Some common food myths

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The following are  six of the common food safety myths and come from the Food Safety Information Council Ltd’s website  – www.food safety.asn.au and are included here with permission If I get food poisoning it is most likely the last meal I ate. Everyone blames their food poisoning on the last meal they ate but