Audits of some type are a key part of most food related businesses.  They have traditionally required that the auditor comes onsite and looks through paperwork, talks with staff  / clients and has a look around. In our new COVID-19 world, there are changes happening and now many audits are being done as what are

Even though the number of cases of COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand and many other countries have stabilised or slowed to a very low  number of cases,  the world and how we must see it has changed forever. As an example,the handshake, for hundreds of years the recognised international way to greet people, particularly

Although the following advice is from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website, , to give guidance to those food businesses which are emerging from the COVID-19 restrictions, it can also be applied to any other disaster situation. Before you re-open or re-commence operations you must check for any changes to business restrictions and

In August 2019 the food regulation ministers asked FSANZ to review nutrition labelling for added sugars.  This review is based on the recommendations in a policy paper which found that labelling of added sugars is not clear and that can impact on consumer decisions. The following is from the Food Standards website – There