Introductory Non-Accredited Course

Suitable for anyone working or intending on working with food wishing to learn the basics of food safety.

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Please note:

This course is not for you if you are fulfilling council legal requirements regarding the necessity for a Food Safety Supervisor in your workplace or you are required to complete a Food Handlers Certificate course.

This NON-ACCREDITED course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn the basics of food safety.

The Safe Food Handling course provides a convenient and easy first step, for all staff working or intending on working with food. Ideally suited as part of an induction program.

This course imparts in an easy-to-understand context; basic understanding of important food safety principals.

All businesses in Australia are required to operate a safe workplace.  This course provides an initial induction to safe food handling which is an important part of safety in any food business.  This non-accredited Safe Food Handling course provides the perfect way to ensure you and your staff have a fundamental understanding of proper food safety, and are able to access this training at an affordable price.

Whether working occasionally with food in the workplace, or simply desiring to learn the most important aspects of safe food handling in the home; this course will effectively teach you important food safety principals.

Course Modules

Handling Food Hygienically

Keeping the Workplace Clean

Maintaining Personal Hygiene

You will be provided with a series of presentations and quizzes.  Make sure you are completely comfortable with the presentation content before attempting the quiz, you may view them as many times as you feel necessary.

You are required to achieve a grade of 100% for each of the three quizzes in this course and you are allowed up to three attempts of each quiz.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to download your Statement of Achievement.

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If you reside or work in New South Wales you should access our NSW Course. *Note: This cost is applicable only to persons living outside New South Wales, that do not require a New South Wales Food Authority licence. If you are enrolling someone other than yourself please DO NOT TICK the box in step two. You will then be sent a link via email to go and enrol your user/s.