If you know of someone who has had a brain or neck injury, has Parkinson’s disease, has had a stroke, is a child or adult with a developmental condition, has motor neurone dieases or is in an aged care centres, the chances are very high that you will personally know someone who has some level

Last Recall for 2018?

Monday, 31 December 2018 by

The following is from a Recall Notice from Food Standards Australia New Zealand and is included here with permission. Vic’s Meat BONE-IN HAM HALF LEG 4.5kg Best Before 29/01/2018 Vic’s Premium Quality Meat is conducting a recall of the above product. The product has been available for sale at Simon Johnson, Victor Churchill and Vic’s

The Australian newspaper recently ran a survey to the leaders of some of Australia’s biggest businesses and the following are the answers from the CEOs of our biggest supermarket chains;   What should be the key issues in the next federal election? Woolworths While there are a number of issues facing the nation currently, for

So what does sustainable actually mean and why is it important? There are many available definitions for that word and what it means and there are almost as many disagreements about the whole thing. All would agree that to be sustainable something has to be able to last into the future and be viable, efficient