You are what you eat. More and more research is showing that this old saying should be something we all follow. A study done at Loma Linda University School of Public Health in California seems to be once again reinforcing this saying. The researchers reviewed results from over 240000 telephone surveys done over 11 years

Once again, like during 2018, we have what looks to be a significant Listeria outbreak in Australia.In 2018 seven people died during an outbreak which was linked to rockmelons. This time at least five private hospitals, aged care centres and Meals on Wheels operations across Victoria have been instructed by Victoria Department of Health and


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The number of cases  from the current food poisoning outbreak in South Australia seems to be increasing, with 21 people now hospitalised. These people appear to have Salmonella and at this stage it looks like they have all consumed Vietnamese rolls  from the same chain of bakeries in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. They are