Bushfires and food safety

Tuesday, 07 January 2020 by

With our focus on bushfires and the impacts, it is easy to forget about things like food safety, but it is also important. So here is some advice from the Food Safety Information Council. It is included with permission. Food safety advice for bush fires and power outages The Food Safety Information Council today issued

The following brilliant advice for emergencies and food is from a great brochure from  the Australian Food and Grocery Council and it can be found at https://foodsafety.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/pantrylist-2015.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3XADOO_EU5fu0IYx0dOxvTOp_a6AQbP2NhKf7tIwJCHrLvnsI31Tfwd-Y. It includes a very useful pantry list to use in the event of an emergency and is included here with permission. Getting ready for an emergency Emergencies can

The following is from the Food Safety Information Council Ltd website – www.foodsafety.asn.au, and is included here with permission. Entertaining is fun especially during Christmas and the holiday season when you catch up with family and friends or at other times of the year during celebratory events. But preparing food for a lot of people

Festive Recalls

Friday, 27 December 2019 by

The following are two current recalls. The information is included with permission from Food Standards Australia New Zealand. David Jones Almond Roughs and Peanut Caramel Clusters   20 December 2019 Product information David Jones Pty Limited is conducting a recall of David Jones Almond Roughs and David Jones Peanut Caramel Clusters. The products have been available for