As has been heard many times over the last few weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak is not just about health but the economy as well. So many retail food businesses are having to make decisions about how to keep their businesses going until they are able to have dining in happening again. This logically means that

The following is the latest media release from the Food Safety Information Council and is included here with permission. The Food Safety Information Council today released information about coronaviruses, COVID-19 and food safety. Cathy Moir, Council Chair, said that consumers have been in contact asking questions about food safety during the pandemic. ‘The good news

So you are either sitting at your desk at home reading this whilst you work from home or are part of an essential business and you are at your desk at work. Or you may be someone who has completely unexpectedly lost their job from a food business. A situation which only two months ago

Food Standards Australia new Zealand is the government agency responsible for developing the Food Standards Code in Australia and New Zealand. This is done through work allocated in applications from applicants, including businesses and industry organisations, and proposals from within FSANZ or from the state and territory governments or from the Ministerial Council. The applications