There is a big four state recall happening in Australia due to Listeria. This time it is products supplied for Meals on Wheels. A NSW company is recalling eight of it’s products in NSW, Qld, ACT and SA – 6000 frozen products for Meals on Wheels. Traces of Listeria were found in routine testing. There

With the Hepatits A recall on imported clams happening right now in Australia, it is worth knowing a bit more about the virus. The following is from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website  ( and is included here with permission What is hepatitis A? Hepatitis A affects the liver and is a disease caused

Not all food poisoning outbreaks can be traced to a particular source or cause, regardless of how much work is done by authotities. Sometimes the cause or is found through a lucky break. That’s what happened this year in the massive investigation into the source of the first Salmonella enteritidis (SE) outbreak in Australian history.

Hepatitis recall underway

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The following is a media release from the New South Wales Food Authority and is included here with permission. The NSW Food Authority is advising consumers who may have purchased salted or pickled clam products from Koryo Food Co. or Byul Mi Kim Chi to destroy any remaining product or return it for a refund.