So the fish you picked at lunch for your fish n’ chips is really Nile Perch right? A recent study by Oceana shows that seafood fraud is happening in all continents – except Antarctica. So is that Barramundi actually Barramundi or something else? The study showed that worldwide,as an average one piece in five pieces of seafood

In my family Tea is preferred over Coffee. It might be our English heritage, who knows? It seems, however that we are not alone. New data from Roy Morgan Research shows that in an average week, half of the Australian population over 14 years old, drink at least one cuppa a week. The research was

Have we found the sixth taste?

Thursday, 08 September 2016 by

I recently heard someone say that chocolate is one of the food groups so that is a reason why everyone loves it. Well even though chocolate is wonderful and dark has been found to be good for heart health in small quantities, it is not a taste on it’s own. There have traditionally been four

New recall – coconut milk icecream

Wednesday, 07 September 2016 by

The following is a current recall and is included here with permission from Food Standards Australia new Zealand. Please find below information on a recent Australian consumer level food recall. This information is also available on our website at CocoLuscious Certified Organic coconut milk ice cream, fudge sauce and chocolate Additional Content Page Content