So it seems that all this promotion and advertising about wholegrains really is true.

The latest edition of “Circulation”, the journal of the American Heart Association includes an article about recent research showing one of the benefits of consuming high levels of wholegrains

The research was on 14 studies with over 780,000 participants.

The overall finding was that the higher the consumption of wholegrains the lower the risk of death from heart disease.

Australian Heart Fo…

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My mother was an RN and time and again she told my sister and I that the bowel is connected to the brain.

Obviously the two organs are not physically connected in the body, but her years of nursing showed her that if there is a problem in the bowel, there was a much greater likelihood of brain issues.

So having a healthy bowel has been found to reduce the potential for things like depression. Eating enough fibre and having regular exercise are the keys to keeping the bowel h…

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I started my food career in product development and there really is a buzz when you see a product you have been involved in developing for sale in a supermarket or in a quick serve business. Some of the products I was involved with are still for sale today. In fact for sentimental reasons, I picked up a packet of crisps from the supermatket this week that are flavoured as one of the products I helped to develop.

The interesting thing about product development is the huge numb…

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The following is from the recall notice from Food Standards Australia New Zealand and is include here with permission.

Please find below information on a recent Australian consumer level food recall. This information is also available on our website at

Date notified to FSANZ - 16/06/2016 03:00 PM


Product name - Eleman Bakery Authentic Lebanese Date Biscuits

Package description & size - 450g plastic…

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From the 01 July we will see the progressive rollout of the new Country of Origin labelling.

Information about the new labels is available on


The following is a recent media release from FSANZ and is included here with permission.

Call for submissions on mandatory labelling…

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