There are charges for cakeage and corkage, we now have the first vomit charge.

A child in a restaurant on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast vomited on the floor and a staff member had to clean it up.

The child’s mother was charged $10 to go toward the cost of the clean up.

The clean up required that that section of the restaurant be closed until it was completed as well as the time for the staff member to do the cleaning, equipment clean / sanitise and to recover from it afterwards…

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This an article from www.ausfoodnews on 10 May 2016, and is an excellent summary on what is use by date and how it is done.


Food and beverage products must have date codes; those without attract harsh penalties, because consumer health and safety is the intention behind them. Rather critical! Date codes give a guide to an item’s shelf-life — how long it can be kept before its quality begins to deteriorate, or it becomes potentially unsafe to consume.

In Australia, it’s…

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So we all want to be healthy and would obviously choose healthier foods over non healthy – right?

Ipsos has just released it’s latest Foods Consumption, Habits, Attitudes and Trends report. It shows that eating more fresh fruit and vegetables is the number one food thing Australians want to do this year.

The others in the top five food priorities for this year are; smaller portion sizes, reducing sugar intake from food, eating healthier snacks and cutting down on fat.

The int…

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So there is an ad on TV right now about Australia’s most popular brand of biscuits. Some of the products made by this company are what are known as “icon” products because they are likely to be in most pantries or are known by nearly everyone. Tim Tams are such a product and are both well known and very loved by nearly everyone.

This ad is timely, as recent research by Roy Morgan Research shows that we Aussies are eating less sweet biscuits.

26.3 percent of Australians over 1…

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The following is a Recall notification from the New South Wales Food Authority.

Recall: Streets Blue Ribbon ice cream tubs

05 May 2016

The NSW Food Authority advises:

Unilever Australia Limited has recalled Streets Blue Ribbon Ice Cream - all flavours and sizes from all major supermarkets and convenience stores nationally due to potential presence of small plastic pieces.

As food products containing plastic pieces may cause injury if consumed, consumers should not eat these…

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